Using an anti-racist lens, with a goal to achieve equity for Skyway residents most impacted by systemic oppression and discrimination…

Skyway Coalition will address the historic lack of investment, inequitable policies and systems that have directly impacted our urban unincorporated King County community.

We will advocate for policies and funding that support anti-displacement strategies, affordable housing, and economic development. We strive for community-led development and growth that also supports and protects our racial/ethnic/socio-economic diversity.

Skyway Coalition’s purpose is to work together by engaging our community in advocating for resources, projects, and policies that will enable the Skyway community to create a vibrant, walkable, ethnically diverse, and civically engaged community that involves the collective voice, wisdom, and expertise of its residents and business owners in ongoing civic decision-making. We commit to engaging our community in an ongoing manner to inform the goals, priorities, and vision of our coalition and the activities we undertake to advance those goals.

Skyway Coalition will work together to advance equitable community development and support community-driven priorities for community development including, but not limited to:

  • Affordable housing
  • Economic development
  • Education
  • Transportation and mobility
  • Preservation of the diversity of culture and character of our community
  • Healthy connected neighborhoods

Skyway Coalition is committed to building a collaborative model for community development through relationship building and trust building among coalition members, and strengthening community connections more broadly within the community. We will also explore a more formalized collective impact model.