CALL TO ACTION: Support Community-led Economic Development

Skyway Coalition has aligned with BIPOC Unincorporated King County communities in White Center and Vashon Island to reimagine community-driven economic development.

We met with Councilmembers McDermott and Zahilay to advocate for $5.5 million from King County’s COVID 7 Supplemental Budget, which totals nearly $600 million.

The counter-offer we received was for our collective unincorporated areas to be allocated a total of $250K to conduct more studies to support our requests.  Our requests are based on dozens of surveys, community cafes and conversations with our respective communities over years of advocacy work around economic development.  We do not need more surveys, WE NEED ACTION!

EMAIL KING COUNTY EXECUTIVE AND COUNCILMEMBERS TODAY to urge them to amend their decision and and fully fund our Unincorporated King County BIPOC Alliance request!

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Prioritize our Unincorporated King County BIPOC Alliance Request


Dear King County Executive and Councilmembers:

As a pressing top priority, we demand that you prioritize our Unincorporated King County BIPOC Alliance ask of $5,500,500.  This request is less than 1% of King County’s budget. BIPOC Unincorporated King County community members of Skyway, Vashon Island and White Center have aligned to reimagine community-driven economic development. The BIPOC Alliance will provide some of the needed capacity for economic development activities.

We encourage King County to heed and honor its current collection of research. Through the Community Needs Assessment, Skyway-West Hill Action Plan, as well as countless Skyway Community Cafés, our community has already contributed immense time and energy to  various data collecting efforts detailing the actions and investments needed to drive forward Skyway’s economic viability. We don’t need another study that continues to delay and ignore these efforts. Skyway needs action and the BIPOC Alliance is our vehicle for action!

Unincorporated King County singularly encompasses the most racially diverse, low income, and English language learner populations in comparison to localities within neighboring city limits of King County.  Families have faced intense challenges to their well-being which have included homelessness, extreme poverty, job loss, mental illness, disability, chronic and acute illness, addiction, social isolation, racism, and language and cultural differences that pose barriers to their economic growth. When unincorporated areas thrive, our entire county thrives.  

We want community driven initiatives that are developed and executed for us, by us to be fully funded. We share similar characteristics to many other unincorporated areas throughout King County. As a result, we desire to partner with these communities to strengthen our alliance in not only identifying and serving the most vulnerable underserved populations within these communities but also acquiring targeted resources to do so as well. This is the opportunity to activate and develop local innovators to create the most equitable small businesses and workforce development systems – and then export the “Uninc King County Model” countywide.

As members of the Skyway community, the last Black sanctuary of Washington State and one of the largest diverse demographic communities of King County, we strongly recommend this as one of the most concrete steps towards equity in action.

Thank you.