Farmer Frog – Food Security in Skyway

Fight for Food Security in Skyway!

URGENT CALL-TO-ACTION: The Skyway Resource Center Pop-Up and other grassroots food pantries, which provide thousands of pounds of food weekly to families in Skyway and other high-need communities, are at risk of losing their primary source of food in the midst of the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Photo Credit: West Hill Community Association

EMAIL SNOHOMISH COUNTY REPRESENTATIVES TODAY to urge them to reverse their decision and allow Farmer Frog’s Emergency Food distribution site to remain where it is and to allow Farmer Frog to continue providing food to grassroots food pantries and pop-ups. 


Background: Since September, the Skyway Resource Center Pop-Up has dispersed more than 140,000 pounds of food through regular events and weekly food pantries to families in our community during the COVID-19 crisis. The Skyway Resource Center events and food pantries are operated by Renton Innovation Zone Partnership in collaboration with other local community groups. Their primary food distribution partner is Farmer Frog, an intercultural and intergenerational community resource for sustainable, environmentally responsible, socially conscious community-based urban farming in our region.  

Farmer Frog’s Official Press Release